Garbage Pail Kids Battle Of The Bands

Metallica, Ghost, Nine Inch Nails, Mastodon & More Spoofed In New ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Line


Topps have released a new ‘Battle Of The Bands‘s line of the ‘Garbage Pail Kids trading cards/stickers franchise. Along with various other genres, metal and hard rock are well represented throughout the line. There doesn’t appear to be a place you can check out the full run, but I’ve dug up a few for you in the images above and below. The cards released in those genres include:

1a Oozing Ozzy
2a Met Al
3a Mega Seth
4a Nine Inch Neil
5a Zombie Robbie
6a Marilyn Oh No
7a I. Ron Maiden
8a Andy Thrax
9a Phantom Forge
10a Masto Don

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1b Jack Sabbath
2b Aster of Puppets
3b Rattle Ed
4b Tacked Trent
5b Hot Rob
6b “Handsome” Manson
7b Iron Irene
8b Hurt Ian
9b Ghostly Goore
10b Beassty Brent

1a Lead Zep
2a Bashed Buck
3a Asphyxiated Alice
4a Motor Ed
5a Aching Angus
6a Swallowing Steven
7a Dueling David
8a Burned Brett
9a Joyless Jon

1b Ridiculous Icarus
2b Demolished Dharma
3b Choking Cooper
4b Lumpy Lemmy
5b Ballbreak Earl
6b Big Trap Tyler
7b Sammy Hater
8b Mutilated Michaels
9b Bad Name Bon

It shouldn’t take too much brainpower to guess who is being spoofed with each one. Here’s a few more:

Garbage Pail Kids Battle Of The Bands

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