Ex-Guitarist Confirms Dave Mustaine Has A Dress Code For Megadeth


Guitarist Chris Broderick—who now spends his time in Act Of Defiance—spoke at length about his past stint in Megadeth during a recent appearance on ‘The Ex-Man‘. That podcast series is hosted by Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves/Vagus Nerve/ex-God Forbid fame.

Broderick, who played with Megadeth from 2008-2014, confirmed during the chat that Megadeth frontman/guitarist Dave Mustaine implemented a dress code and code of conduct of sorts for the members of the band—at least during Broderick‘s time in the group. He spoke of that:

“This is when I first realized something we were talking about before this podcast, where you were talking about 50% of it’s the music and 50% of it’s the image. Up until Megadeth for me it was: ‘No it’s 100% music.'”

“Because it goes a little into the understanding of human psychology… The way the band is perceived, the way we carry ourselves.”

Coyle then proceeded to ask him if the rumors of Mustaine having a dress code for the band were true, to which Broderick replied:

“Yes, that’s true. He [Mustaine] wanted you to carry yourself a certain way… Well I mean all you have to do is look at my attire when I was in there… So I wore a button up shirt on stage 90% of the time, it would be different requirements like that.”

Coyle then asked Broderick if he was out in public with a ponytail, would it be allowed or would he have had to have his hair down, he replied: “It would be preferred to be out.”

Looking over live footage as of late, it would appear the button up shirt remains the garment of choice for live shows, though drummer Dirk Verbeuren looks to have gotten a reprieve due to mobility requirements.