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36 Crazyfists’ Brock Lindow Discusses Surviving Nü Metal And Playing Hardcore Shows


36 Crazyfists singer Brock Lindow was a recent guest on Talk Toomey, discussing the band’s new album “Lanterns” (out Sept. 29th) and more. Lindow was also asked during the conversation if he felt his band had escaped the nü metal tag they were painted with early on in their career. He replied:

“I think history has shown that we did. But at the time, I remember the early days of touring and not touring with other nü metal bands, really.

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We never really—even though we might have gotten labeled that way—we ended up always touring with the hardcore bands, I mean Martyr A.D. and Walls Of Jericho and Bury Your Dead, bands like that we really had nothing similar in music [with.] Those were the tours we would get on.

And I remember it being really difficult for us back then because there wasn’t a very nice bridge between metal and hardcore at the time. There was two sides of that.

And we were a band that had singing choruses and I don’t really know… We didn’t fit in, but somehow, we just were odd enough that we kind of tiptoed in all of it. So I think somehow, we just, without it being a conscious move of trying to be all those different styles—it’s just kind of what we did. Somehow we just…

There was a time when there was like, ‘ok you’re nü metal, now you’re metalcore, now you’re hard rock.’ You just kind of lose track on what they think you are this week and that stuff doesn’t really exist like it used to back then.

But I remember it was always a big deal to get what genre tag are you and we’ve been called just about everything except maybe black metal.”

You can find the full discussion at this location.

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