Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta

Jamey Jasta Lays Out Hatebreed’s Next Five Years


Hatebreed, etc. frontman Jamey Jasta has a lengthy plan worked out for Hatebreed‘s next five or so years. Speaking recently during an appearance on Silverstein frontman Shane Told‘s ‘Lead Singer Syndrome‘ podcast, he offered:

“I actually thought this record [‘The Concrete Confessional‘] was not gonna have the life that it actually has. This record’s cool because… I wouldn’t say like ‘Divinity‘, but like self-titled, it has an opener and a closer, which I think is important to have. And that’s what we’ll do with the next record.

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You wanna have at least two on that current record, where you got one opener and one new closer. And that’s very hard. A lot of these bands on this tour [Vans Warped Tour‘] they’re not opening with a new song and closing with a new song.

But we have those songs, so I want to do that again. But I wanna do the covers record. And I want to do re-records and I want to do another… I want to do a live and a documentary. So right there that puts us to 2022 I think it is.”

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