Ghost’s Mastermind Reveals The Music That Shaped His Life And His Favorite Ghost Song


One of Ghost‘s Nameless Ghoul (presumably the band’s mastermind Tobias Forge) recently took part in the ‘Music Ruined My Life’ segment for the BBC Radio 1‘s ‘Rock Show With Daniel P Carter“. In the segment, Forge, who performs as Papa Emeritus III, shares the first album he purchased, the impact his family had on his musical upbringing and the records that changed his life (including The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses & King Diamond).

He also expressed his current admiration for Sia, being mentored by Metallica and more. When asked which of the songs he has written he was most proud of, he responded:

“This might sound a little bit strange, but usually when I’m on tour, I don’t think too much about our own material. It’s something that you perform and sort of goes through your body. Luckily when you do have a crowd—when you do have an audience and there’s that sort of feedback and that circulation; I—at least, myself—I don’t find it tedious playing songs that you’ve played 500 times, because you have a reciepient and there’s like a covnersation.

So it sort of gets new every time. Your mind is sort of not only focusing on the music. “Cirice” is definitely one of those where there’s sort of a natural movement in it. Because it has pauses and it has… I just find it even now, looking back on it, ‘hmm, that got quite OK. I like it.'”

You can listen to the whole segment below: