Decapitated Anticult

2017 Nuclear Blast

A cult of lethality.

Decapitated - Anticult


Of the many gifts of youth, anger is perhaps the most essential to any formative metalhead—sans maybe a robust liver. For it has often been the chip on the shoulder, the outsider mentality or the uphill battle and confusion of existence in general that has served as the raw building materials for some of metal’s fiercest albums.

Longevity, success and the comforts of age tend to be the antidote for this; few bands are able to set high benchmarks for themselves several albums into their career. For Poland’s once tech death behemoths Decapitated though, the struggle seems to have never ended.

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From the terrifying 2007 accident that claimed the life of their drummer and severely injured their singer, to more recently waging a legal battle against their former label Earache over royalties, anger and frustration seem forever imprinted into Decapitated‘s DNA. Luckily for us they have one hell of an outlet to channel it into.

With “Anticult” the band continue onward from the more accessible groove-laden path of “Blood Mantra“, molding it into military grade levels of lethality. Taking the sawtooth polyrhythmic technicality of Meshuggah and welding it to a concise adaptation of Machine Head‘s penchant for the grandiose, this album hits like a hydraulic press to the solar plexus.

While the Pantera worship remains high, the stomp grooves found here feel more resolute and modernized ala Lamb Of God. Still, there’s ample displays of devotion to the works of the late great Dimebag Darrell found in the feverish soloing.

The album’s devastating highlight, “Kill The Cult“, tactically pummels with bruising double kick and precisely plotted out fury. With a comparatively moderated pace exercised throughout this album to that of their peers, Decapitated are able to inflict massive damage that just wouldn’t be possible without the additional airflow found in these songs.

As the band began to demonstrate on recent efforts, one of their key strengths is that they take the time to chew on a good riff. You’ll certainly get your fill of the more incendiary moments found here with little going to waste.

But that’s not to say Decapitated have gotten comfortable. One of the larger leaps taken here arrives on “Earth Scar“, which balances the group’s forceful onslaught with melodic refrains and juxtapositions that that would sound right at home on a Gojira record.

Diehards may decry it all however. Indeed, “Anticult” is yet another step further away from the band’s earlier roots. But if you’ve been onboard with the last two albums, this latest affair certainly delivers on the promise those two outings hinted at.

With “Anticult“, Decapitated not only provide a decisive argument that that their hybridization of technical death metal’s proficiency with the caustic traits of groove metal was not only a creative necessity, but that is has the potential to take them to a new plateau as well.

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