Dez Fafara Of DevilDriver/Coal Chamber

Dez Fafara On Coal Chamber’s Status: “I Think It’s Done Forever”


DevilDriver/Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara feels that Coal Chamber may be “done forever.” In an interview conducted on June 23rd, 2017 by Kaaos TV he said of the band’s current status:

“I waited thirteen years for the band that I started to get back together. And after releasing a record that was critically acclaimed and touring around the world and having fantastic shows, it was obvious to me that I don’t wanna do that with those people.

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I don’t wanna say any personal stuff about them, but it’s just not working. I wish it did—for the fans, for myself, for the music—but it’s… there’s some things that need to be worked on. And it needs to be a hundred and ten percent, or I’m not gonna take it out on the road.”

He added:

“When I left Coal Chamber, I thought it was done forever. Thirteen years later, we did a record. Right now, it’s done, and I think it’s done forever. That’s just… that’s my take on things.”

He further clarified that his busy schedule with DevilDriver and his various other endeavors aren’t the reason why Coal Chamber are done, offering:

“That has nothing to do with it—nothing to do with it at all. If everything is fine in that other camp, with Coal Chamber, if they are all good and it’s a hundred and ten percent, they can call me. If they get stuck on the side of the freeway at three in the morning, they can call me; I will come. But with the music, it has to be a hundred and ten percent with any band that I am with. And in the end, with those tours, it was not a hundred and ten percent. And I don’t wanna take it on tour unless it’s a hundred and ten percent.”

While the news may be upsetting to Coal Chamber fans, there are still plans for DevilDriver to eventually perform select Coal Chamber tracks live at some point in the future as Fafara previously revealed.

[via Blabbermouth]

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