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Jonathan Davis Speaks On The Korn Album He’s Most Proud Of And Which Was Their “Biggest Mistake”


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently recounted the band’s career in a lengthy new read for Independent. During the piece he reflects on the band’s early days, from recording their demo on W.A.S.P.‘s studio time without the latter having knowledge, all the way up to now. He also goes on to state that 2002’s “Untouchables” is the Korn album he’s most proud of, offering:

“The record I’m most proud of is ‘Untouchables‘. I still think it sounds like the heavy metal Asia [the band.] The production on it is of the same calibre in terms of sonic quality. We spent a lot of money making that record and it took us two years to make; I remember we spent a month just getting drum sounds. [Producer Michael] Beinhorn is my favorite producer ever, he’s just got a great ear and he’s not afraid to tell you if you suck.

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I’d do vocal takes and think they were the best and then he’d tell me to go home because he thought my voice wasn’t right. I’d get so mad at him, but I love him. It was so much work; if I can find the footage, I’m going to put a little documentary together about that record because it’s a one of a kind that will never be made again.”

That album had become controversial over the years—in part for an estimated $4,000,000 being spent on it, though the majority of those costs had later been attributed to the band keeping their entire crew on retainer. He also goes on to state that he views the band’s 2010 reunion with producer Ross Robinson, “Korn III: Remember Who You Are“, as the band’s “biggest mistake.”

He said of that: “…that record sounds forced to me and it took me to a very dark place that I didn’t want to go back to. I think going backwards rather than forwards might have been the biggest mistake we made as a band.” You can find the whole piece over at this location.

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