Misery Signals

June Release Set For Misery Signals Documentary ‘Yesterday Was Everything’


June 30th has been set as the digital release for Misery Signals‘ upcoming documentary film, ‘Yesterday Was Everything‘. The bulk of the tour was captured during the band’s tenth anniversary touring for their “Of Malice and the Magnum Heart” album a few years back. The band’s guitarist Stuart Ross commented of the film:

“‘Yesterday Was Everything‘ provides a glimpse into a very tumultuous period in our development as young men, friends and musicians. Without the ups and downs of those formative years it’s hard to say where we’d all be today. I believe this film offers fans of the band intimate information to questions that have otherwise gone unanswered. It allows insight into the story of Compromise; a tragedy that forever changed the trajectory of our lives.”

Bassist Kyle Johnson added

“[Director] Matthew Mixon does a fantastic job of portraying the intensity that lies within the story. The good alongside the bad, the uncomfortable moments, the love shared between the five of us that extends to all the friends and fans we have made over the last decade, and the ability to come out of it still being able to call each other friends. I can’t wait for the world to experience it.”

Guitarist Ryan Morgan also weighed in:

Mixon‘s film plays like a love letter to the independent music experience. You get a seat right there in the tour van as we grapple with the challenges of the road and attempt to create authentic music together. For those outside of the band’s audience YWE allows an inside look at a scene they might be unaware of. It strikes me that my bandmates and the others in the film bear little resemblance to the ‘metalhead’ archetype.

And you do get an intimate look at us, as scary as that is, you get 3 dimensions that include our failings and flaws. But that’s what I think sets the film apart from other music documentaries I’ve seen. There’s a vulnerability that anyone can relate to, and I think everyone walks away with a better understanding. Especially us.”

A trailer for the doc can be found below. The band themselves have been working on new material as of late with returning vocalist Jesse Zaraska.