Ex-Dååth Guitarist Thinks Chimaira Took Them Out On Tour To Siphon Their Lineup


Former Dååth guitarist Eyal Levi recently spoke of how Chimaira essentially absorbed the band’s lineup back in 2011-2012. Levi was essentially the lone holdout, with his bandmates Emil Werstler, Sean Zatorsky and Jeremy Creamer all jumping ship. Speaking with Talk Toomey, Levi said of that and why he didn’t go as well:

“I had a better gig than Chimaira. I went to a studio called Audiohammer to produce bands—I didn’t want to keep on touring. By the time I was done touring, I was completely over it—plus they didn’t invite me, so… [laughs]”

“I believe that they took us [Dååth] on tour so they could siphon our members. Because they kept on losing members. But I mean they weren’t the only band who was thinking like that.

There were other bands who also wanted to just kinda siphon our members. And fair enough Dååth wasn’t a very big band—these were bigger bands. Our musicians were better than their musicians and they wanted guys that they could pay less who were more skilled, basically.

That’s exactly what happened. Dååth was not big at all, so our paychecks were basically non-existent. Guys were losing money to be in the band.

And so you get a bigger band that comes along, who maybe still pays you a really meager wage, but it’s a meager wage that’s better than 0, it’s enticing. I don’t blame them for going over, they should have.”

You can hear the whole episode over at

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