WWE's Aleister Black

WWE NXT’s Aleister Black Shares Praise For Every Time I Die, Code Orange & More


As one of the biggest metalheads currently employed by WWE, NXT wrestler Aleister Black was recently asked by Metal Hammer which artists he’s most excited to see at this year’s ‘Download Festival‘—an event at which he will also be wrestling. In addition to sharing praise for Venom Prison, Exodus, Slayer and more, he also mentioned his friendship with Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams, who of course wrestles on the side:

“I got into them [Every Time I Die] seven or eight years ago, and their guitar player Andy has become one of my best friends in life. I worked at Download and he was playing with Every Time I Die, and after that he came over to the Progress Wrestling booth and we became friends from the first two sentences that we said to each other. And of course, Andy dabbles in professional wrestling. He’s huge.”

He also spoke highly of Code Orange:

“Have you heard anything like Code Orange in this genre? The different styles, the female vocals as well, the song Bleeding In The Blur, I’ve never heard anything like that from a hardcore band, it’s wild. I’ve labeled them hardcore but they’ve transcended that genre completely, I don’t know what to call them. I know as human beings we like to label everything but I can’t put Code Orange in a box, and I think that’s a very good thing. It’s hard to find something that gives you music you haven’t heard before.”

You can find all of his choices over at Metal Hammer. You can also catch Black‘s ring entrance, complete with vocals from Incendiary‘s Brendan Garone, here.