Cannibal Corpse

Extinct Worm Named After Cannibal Corpse Bassist Alex Webster


A new study published via Scientific Reports by Mats E. Eriksson of Lund University, Sweden, Luke A. Parry of Bristol University, U.K., and David M. Rudkin of Royal Ontario Museum, Canada has some hidden meaning for metalheads the world over. In honor of Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster, the researchers named the new genus of extinct polychaetes (aka bristle worms) the ‘Websteroprion Armstrongi.’ Eriksson and Parry have both previously named fossilized species after famous rock/metal musicians in the past. In their paper they note of the etymology of the species: “Named after Alex Webster – a ‘giant’ of a bass player – combined with ‘prion’ meaning saw.” Webster himself took notice, offering:

“Thank you to Mats Eriksson, Luke Parry, & all involved, I’m honored! Congratulations on your discovery!”

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He further went on to share the below video for a track from his side project Blotted Science, offering: “Seems appropriate to share this today:”

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