Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri Says 30% Of The Band’s Songs Are “Trash”, Dislikes “Slave To The Game”


With no current members of the band to piss off with any harsh commentary, Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri didn’t sugarcoat his appraisal of the band’s catalog in a recent chat with Speaking of their  forthcoming new album “Look At Yourself” in contrast to the group’s first six albums, he stated:

“I was actually able to see my vision completely come to life rather than having to sit there and compromise with people who are not as competent and don’t understand what it should sound like. Not to say Emmure didn’t have any good songs, but 70% of Emmure’s catalogue I think is good. I enjoy it. Then there’s 30% of it that I think is trash and that 30% is what I never wanted on the albums to begin with.”

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Palmeri went on to say that a lot of the songs he is unhappy with came from himself trying to meet his now former bandmates halfway:

“When the song they wanted to write isn’t popular and no one gives a shit about it, it’s always me going ‘what did I say?’ to them.”

He also went on to say that the band’s 2012 effort, “Slave To The Game” is the least favorite record he’s done, offering:

“The songs suck. It’s just not good. None of the riffs are good. I just don’t like it. I feel bad ‘cause I let that record happen. We were at a very terrible place internally, like no one was talking at all.”

“The album was a commercial failure, and of course it was. I wasn’t surprised at all. It was the kind of thing where I shot myself in the foot to prove a point.”

Palmeri however is much more positive when it comes to Emmure‘s forthcoming album, as well as their new lineup. You can read more about that at “Look At Yourself” will be released on March 03rd.

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