Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri Speaks On Ex-Bandmates, Says People Hating On Group Is “Played Out”


The Emmure that is due to release their seventh studio album, “Look At Yourself“, is radically different from the Emmure who released its predecessor, 2014’s “Eternal Enemies“. Following a mass exodus that left frontman Frankie Palmeri as the sole remaining member, Palmeri rebuilt the band with a revised lineup that now includes: Josh Travis (Glass Cloud, ex-The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravagazna) on guitars, Phil Lockett (ex-The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravagazna) on bass and Josh Miller (ex-Glass Cloud) on drums.

Speaking recently of surviving that process, Palmeri told Hot Metal:

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“…I’m the only sole survivor of the original line-up. In the original line-up, and it isn’t even the line-up that quit the band, the original line-up, no-one even knows who the fuck those guys are, so it’s always been just been me kind of and always like making my vision come to life in some way, or at least trying to pursue this mission in some degree.

So I have gone through a lot of changes and had to work with all kinds of people, and this latest incarnation of Emmure to me is the only way it should be, and I would probably allow it to be from this point on. There won’t be line-up after this, pretty much is what I’m saying. I think the main purpose of the band is a vehicle for me creatively. So it’s always going to be like that, regardless of who’s in the band.”

When asked about the decade long run former guitarist Jesse Ketive and bassist Mark Davis had in the band, Palmeri added:

“I think that that relationship ran its course in every way possible, both personally and professionally. To me, they lost the passion for playing in Emmure a long time ago.”

Meanwhile, the songs Emmure have released thus far from the aforementioned new album have been more positively received than some of the band’s past material. When that reaction was brought up to Palmeri, he offered:

“I think that the whole, people just going out of their way to shit on it in Emmure has got played out, and I think that people have been doing it for so long that now whenever anyone does it, It’s like dude really – you’re going to fucking throw this card again and honestly — 97 per cent of the comments that are negative on the internet, are surely things based in ignorance. They don’t come from any factuality, there’s nothing to base it off of, they’re just like, ‘I don’t like this band blah, blah, blah, and they suck at guitar’. It’s just like who the fuck is… what are you talking about?

But I don’t allow that to affect how I view the band, I know my music comes from a real place, and I don’t need that negativity. So if people are really into it, then that’s great, but you can’t please everybody, and there is always someone who goes I don’t like it, ‘whatever’ and ‘fuck this’, and that’s fine too.”

For more from Palmeri on the new lineup and his ex-bandmates, hit up Hot Metal. “Look At Yourself” will be released on March 03rd through SharpTone Records.

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