Neurosis’ Scott Kelly Shares Initial Thoughts On New Mastodon Album, Talks Long History With Them


Neurosis vocalist/guitarist Scott Kelly recently spoke about his long-running relationship with Mastodon and the group’s upcoming new album, which he will once again be guesting on. When asked by the That’s Not Metal Podcast if he will be appearing on the effort, he offered:

“Yeah, I just got it this morning. It’s fucking good, it’s really good. I have not listened to the whole thing completely yet—I’ve gotten through about 2/3rd’s of it. It’s aggressive. It’s the same guy who produced “Crack The Skye” [Brendan O’Brien] but I haven’t… the production is a little bit… It’s not quite as shimmery as that is, it’s little bit rawer—which I like. Although I really though “Crack The Skye“, that was kind of the one that I really hold up as the pinnacle for them in my mind. I need to digest it, it’s a great album.”

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Speaking further on his relationship with Mastodon, he went on to say:

“We’re just really good friends, you know, honestly. I’ve been friends with Bill and Brann for 20 years. I’ve been friends with Brent for… shit, since the 80’s. I knew Brent like when Neurosis was very first touring in the states. So probably like ’87 or ’88 was when I first met him. I met Troy when Mastodon started. They’re just good salt of the earth guys, we get along really well.

I’m always honored to be able to be a part of what they are doing. Because it really means something to them. They always say ‘hey man I think we got a spot for you, we found a part’, you know? And it means a lot to me to be able to share even a little bit in their legacy, ’cause their legacy is really strong.”

That album is expected out sometime this spring with exact details still pending.

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