Lorna ShoreBobby Bates Photography

Lorna Shore Post Second “Flesh Coffin” Studio Video


Lorna Shore have released a second studio video for their new album, “Flesh Coffin“. Recording sessions for the effort took place at Atrium Audio with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland. Guitarist Adam De Micco said of this latest track:

“With each record that we write we always strive to push ourselves beyond our capabilities. Whether it be on a technical aspect to our perspective on songwriting. We never want to write the same record and we don’t want our fans to expect or accept a carbon copy of past releases.

We will consistently do what it is that we want to do and Flesh Coffin is no exception to that. In this episode you can see the growth of individual members as well as our ever growing vision of this band. With this episode we hope you gain a little insight into how Flesh Coffin came to be.”

Outerloop Records will have the album in stores on February 17th.