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Darkest Hour Drummer Travis Orbin Releases New EP “Finite”


Darkest Hour drummer Travis Orbin has released a new solo EP titled “Finite” which you can stream/download below. He commented of the effort:

“I began composing ‘Finite’ in the summer of 2015 after a concept crept into my head: compose an EP with only four instruments. I knew I had access to a massively skillful violinist (Sophia [Uddin]) and I was also heavily inspired to write whatever outlandish figures my heart desired after meeting Cameron [McLellan] earlier that summer, knowing he could perform them; I also had a highly competent talent in Patrick [Campbell] to help implement synth patches/designs that were unique and spoke strongly. With these resources at my disposal—and with a desire to compose sans guitar for the hell of it—I went to work.

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Combining some back material with new material (including an old demo written by Zack Ordway), along with some quotes from previous (and future) releases, ‘Finite’ ended up being a bit of a tie-in to the ‘Projects’ series but certainly not a sequel. The title is, of course, a reference to my initial concept. It really doesn’t stray from the formula unless you count the viola Sophia had to use to bring some of the string arrangements to life, hehe.

Anyway, I recorded the drums in April of 2015 and sent them to my friend/associate Justin Bonfini for editing and (light) sample blending. Patrick then worked up some amazing synth patches, and Sophia and Cam tracked their parts in November. After initially offering to mix the bass, Patrick offered to mix everything, citing a desire to work with strings in such a context. I’m certainly glad he did, for I’m utterly dubious in thinking it could’ve turned out any better.”

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