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Bad Brains Discuss Health, Reconnecting With H.R. & Dave Grohl’s Help With Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

0 have published a lengthy interview with the Bad Brains about their future plans, their hopes to record again and more. The chat also delves into both the health struggles that hit frontman H.R. and guitarist Dr. Know a year or so back. Notably amid the chat it’s revealed that the band hope to record a final album titled, “Mind Power“. Know himself suffered from cardiac arrest and organ failure back in late 2015 (you can find details here,) though has since largely recovered with only some numbness in his hands remaining. His bandmate, bassist Daryl Jenifer said of his condition at the time:

“He had complete organ failure and the doctor told me he only saw one person live past 48 hours with liver shutdown – and he was on hour 26. He was on dialysis. His kidneys and everything has stopped. Then everything started coming back – the liver, everything. Everything came back. Except for a little feeling of numbness that he hasn’t got figured out.”

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H.R. meanwhile was plagued by a series of crippling headaches which doctors seem to have got under control for the most part via medication. Though they haven’t spent time together recently, the band and H.R. have kept the lines of communication open with both parties eager to hook back up. H.R.‘s life is also being chronicled for a documentary and oral history book titled ‘Finding Joseph I‘, complete with comments from Chino Moreno of Deftones, Questlove of The Roots and more.

Jenifer also mentioned that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl aggressively championed to get the Bad Brains nominated for a potential spot in the ‘Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next year. Rolling Stone shared the below passage of that:

Dave Grohl” told me he went in there and was like, ‘Look, you fucks,'” Jenifer says with a laugh. “When he said that, I went, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ So about a week or so passed and then I was sitting up in the morning drinking my coffee when it came on TV that Pearl Jam nominated for the Hall of Fame and all this shit. Pearl Jam, right? I started saying, ‘Man, that’s some bullshit.'” Eventually he texted Grohl, who told him that Bad Brains were indeed on the ballot. “I’m like, ‘Really? That’s some wild shit.'” Jenifer laughs.”

For more on the band, their feelings about being nominated and their future plans, head to

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