Carcass Shooting For New Album In 2017


Carcass‘ next album should likely surface in around a year’s time.Guitarist Bill Steer recently sat down with and said of what’s next for the band:

“I think we’re done for touring, finally. It’s been a hell of a lot of fun, but there has to be an end to it. This isn’t the kind of music you can write on the road. When you’re doing a package tour like we often are, if you have any consideration for the bands you are playing with, you will get on and off as quickly as possible for soundcheck. We don’t tend to jam much; half the time we don’t properly soundcheck. A couple of people will check their bits and that’s it. The tunes that Dan and I worked on, I guess there’s about six in the bag. They need some refining. They always do.”

When pressed for a timeline, he offered:

“We’ve got a couple of festivals next year, so in other words: an enormous amount of free time. Once we get started, we work very quickly, especially with Jeff. Jeff’s got a real work ethic, so we’ll have something we feel is in very good shape to play to him, then he comes in and critiques that. It’s just like a distillation process. Sometimes it takes a while for a song to reach a point where we’re all happy with it, other times, it happens on that day. I think we should have an album that’s available by the end of the year [2017]. But I know how the industry has changed…so if it’s not happening, it’s not happening. We can’t really rush this. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, including our own by putting out something substandard.”

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