Rage Against The Machine

Scott Ian Feels Rage Against The Machine Embodied What Anthrax & Public Enemy Did On “Bring The Noise”


Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and bassist Frank Bello recently guested on ‘The Strombo Show‘ and discussed a wide variety of topics. Among them was Ian‘s thoughts on how he feels Rage Against The Machine went on to encompass the idea behind Anthrax‘s pioneering 1991 collaboration with Public Enemy, “Bring The Noise“—which is viewed as one of the earliest of rap and metal pairings. He commented:

“I always like to think that is what Rage Against The Machine was, if a band was able to take the idea that we had with Bring The Noise and turn it into their own thing, that was Rage Against The Machine – for sure. They were the ones that I think encompassed that, embodied it, took it and ran with it.

We were just a bunch of metal kids that loved Public Enemy and wanted to have Chuck D on our record… I saw Rage Against The Machine in a basement in Los Angeles, long before their record came out and there were 40 people there, sitting in this basement watching them play and knowing, these guys are going to be massive. This is crazy.

Even all the way back then, having the thought that – god damn, if Chuck D sang with these guys, this would be the heaviest band on the planet. That’s nothing against Zack. For me, Chuck‘s voice is the epitome of a rap voice. to me, that is the greatest rap voice.

So it’s funny, all of these years later, now that Prophets of Rage is happening. When Chuck first told me, I had asked him about doing something and he was like – I’m doing this stuff later this year, kind of a super group thing and dude, it’s going to tear people’s heads off… I wrote back and said, it’s you and the Rage guys, what else?”

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