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Troy Sanders Doesn’t Feel That Gone Is Gone Are A ‘Supergroup’


Mastodon bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders still doesn’t subscribe to Gone Is Gone being described as a ‘supergroup.’ The project also features Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, At The Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar and composer Mike Zarin. He was asked about how he felt about the term being applied to Gone Is Gone by and replied:

“I understand that if you have four marginally famous people, and you put them together, it’s a given that you’re already going to receive a certain level of attention, or perhaps a margin of success without even doing any of the work – I get that. But I also recognise that this band was formed because of the friendships that we’ve all created over years and years of touring.

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When you share stages, and you share festival backstage areas, and you cross paths over and over, you befriend one another, and those friendships sometimes last a long, long time. So when you’re doing another project, and you’re thinking of another musician, you’re gonna think about the people that you’ve crossed paths with in the past. I couldn’t imagine attempting to put a group together for the sole purpose of automatically achieving a certain level of fame or success.

That is not, and never has been on my list of intentions. Ever. So I understand that there are a lot of supergroups, because these are people that appreciate and are inspired by other people that we’ve crossed paths with over and over. I understand it, but I can assure you that if anyone was really going to put together a supergroup for the sole intent of it being the true definition of a ‘supergroup’, it would just be people on a higher level of fame and fortune than myself and Tony and Troy Van Leeuwen. But I get it, and if people want to think it’s super, then that’s fantastic. We love it, and that’s really all that matters to us.”

Gone Is Gone‘s debut album “Echolocation” will be released January 06th. For more on it from Sanders, head to

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