Avenged SevenfoldJeff Forney

Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Stage” Second Week Sales Figures Show 78% Dip


Regardless of your stance on it, Avenged Sevenfold‘s new album “The Stage” has been an interesting case study. As perhaps the most high profile metal/rock act to ever attempt a surprise physical & digital release, the album’s sales performance has already been endlessly dissected. With the sales figures now in for the album’s second week, another big question has been answered.

You’ve likely already read that the effort sold less than half of its predecessor’s first week. Of course, at 76,000 copies sold, that is none the less a wholly impressive feat. But stacked up against the the 159,000 copies 2013’s “Hail To The King” debuted at with a traditional promotional cycle, it doesn’t seem likely that many artists outside of the pop and rap genres will follow suit.

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With the nature of the surprise release, it remained to be seen how the album would perform during its second week. Given the manner it was released, many in the industry were curious to see if word of mouth would pick up and help bolster the second week sales. That is to say, if those who missed out on the first week hype discovered the album and picked it up themselves.

During its second week of availability in the U.S., “The Stage” shifted an additional 16,000 copies—which indeed is once again rather impressive—but given the band’s past track record, is likely less than hoped for.

Still, “The Stage” is a release surrounded by a unique set of circumstances. Not only did the band utilize the bold strategy to release it, it also marks their first effort via their new partnership with Capitol Records. Furthermore, the group weren’t involved in any truly extensive touring around its release.

While frontman M. Shadows initially said he had “mixed feelings” about the sales numbers, he has since clarified his thoughts on the matter, seemingly accusing the media of trying to weave a “false narrative” into what is essentially the reporting of basic mathematical data. With the band expected to “evolve” the album and tour in support of it for months to come, there’s little doubt it will likely perform admirably over the course of its life cycle. But for now there’s another question that will soon be answered, will there be a sales spike on December 09th?

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