Allegaeon And White Lung Have Buried The Hatchet Over Crowdfunding Outrage


Allegaeon frontman Riley McShane has had a discussion with White Lung singer Mish Barber-Way, who launched this diatribe against the band over the weekend regarding Allegaeon‘s attempts to crowdfund their band via Patreon. McShane spoke at length about the campaign and the backlash they’ve faced since during this appearance on the ‘Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast‘. He said in part of the reaction they’ve faced with the campaign:

“We all went into it knowing that there were going to be people… We knew that they were gonna be a lot of people being like ‘fuck these guys, you are total pieces of shit for even asking for your fans to give more than they already give to you, how dare you’ kind of shit. Because the same thing happened to Ne Obliviscaris when they started theirs, so we knew there going to be internet lashback.

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What I didn’t expect, which has been interesting to see to say the least, is the amount of just unfounded accusation that has been going around between those two articles. When I was reading the Decibel one [this piece written by Krieg‘s Neill Jameson,] I was like ‘man I feel like I should be offended by this’ but this is about a different band.

$150 haircuts and like a ridiculously comic public drug problem? Like who the fuck is he even talking about? There was just so much in it that was not applicable to Allegaeon as a band and it just seemed like he was trying to just get a few extra hits on his article by being over the top.”

He later went on to say that Decibel magazine has never really been too hot on Allegaeon and he was shocked that such a “poorly researched” piece went up on its site. He also laughed off some of the claims made by Mish Barber-Way, which saw her call out the band for having a ‘driver’, which was in fact their bassist in the video. Of her piece and the conversation they’ve since had, he stated:

“Funny story. At end of that article she was like ‘if this article offends you please feel free to contact me,’ all this kind of stuff, so I did. I actually just got off the phone with her after having an hour and a half long conversation like five minutes before I got on the phone with you guys.

She was awesome, I’m not gonna lie. It was a very good conversation. She gave me the room to clear the air, all while expressing what her points were and at the end of it, she was like ‘you know, I’m really sorry. I should have talked to you guys first about everything, I was just standing in an airport drinking wine and like writing it on some tiny website, I had no anticipation that it was going to blow up to the extent it did.’

And she was like ‘if it doesn’t bother you I’d like to write some dear gentlemen thing to kind clear the air.’ It’s very big of her, she was really cool about it. She was like ‘it was comically over the top, the article that I wrote.’

She was like ‘I was writing it as though I were speaking it to someone I was really irritated with.’ She wasn’t trying to make it a journalism piece… She had apparently worked for Vice for a long time and was like ‘that was not journalism, that was just me ranting on a tiny website and it got blown hugely out of proportion and for that I apologize.”

McShane also revealed that Mish Barber-Way said that she’s been getting death threats in the wake of her original piece. McShane was apologetic for the move and apologized to her. Likewise guitarist Greg Burgress posted the following online:

“Hey friends!!! Important update thing. I just learned that some people are sending death threats the singer who kinda roasted us yesterday. PLEASE don’t do that! I love the support and everything, but be kind to people!! Riley had a lovely chat with her and everything is gonna be made right. So please don’t be negative. I heart your faces!!”

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