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Born Of Osiris Guitarist ‘Beefs’ With The Acacia Strain & Terror Members On Twitter (Updated)


Update – September 13th 12:24pm:

McKinney has since apologized for his tweets, blaming some heavy drinking.:

Original Story:

Last night Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney ‘called out’ The Acacia Strain‘s Vincent Bennett as well as Terror via Twitter. The whole thing seemed a bit tongue-in-cheek with some excerpts below:

Other tweets made by McKinney that have since been deleted included:

“I’ve trained 3 different types of MMA in my life. I love big fat guys. YOU’RE SLOW. Come my way loser.”

“Public service announcement: BOO is in such need of publicity that we r going to pretend we have beef like TERROR would in hopes you listen”

Another since deleted tweet made by McKinney later said someone else got ahold of phone, leading one to believe a friend had some fun with his Twitter account at McKinney‘s expense. Born Of Osiris keyboardist Joe Buras also poked fun at the situation as well:

Today the so-called ‘feud’—if you could even call it that—continues with Terror guitarist Martin Stewart and McKinney going back and forth:

BOO/Terror Twitter Beef

BOO/Terror Twitter Beef