Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows Talks Label Lawsuit, Scrapped ‘Bat Country’ DVD & More


Recent years have seen Avenged Sevenfold face considerable adversity, be it enlisting ex-Bad Religion drummer Brooks Wackerman or their ongoing legal battle with Warner Bros. following the band’s decision to exit the label. Frontman M. Shadows recently spoke to Loudwire of that ongoing dispute:

“There hasn’t been a resolution with that. I saw a thing on, I think it was another website was saying that what we had said was not true about the reason we left. That report is not true. We left because every single person at the label, not every single person, the radio department is still intact. But the people that signed us, the A&R people, all the people that had to do with the high up at the company didn’t know who Avenged Sevenfold was or cared at this point. So we had to leave.

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It had nothing to do with anything other than if you’re at a place where they don’t care about your band, then you have to do somewhere where they do care about your band. So, as labels start morphing and changing over time, you have to do what’s best for you and that’s the main reason we left. For us, it’s about finding a home that care about rock music and they care about Avenged Sevenfold and want to further our career as we try to push through this thing.”

He revealed the current fate of the now apparently shelved live DVD “This Is Bat Country“:

“The reality is the DVD just never got there. I know some fans don’t want to hear this, but for us when we’re looking at something and deciding on whether to put it out or not, it’s gotta go through some sort of process or, “Is this good enough to come out?” You get asked a question a million times of “You got a DVD?” It starts leaking out that there’s a DVD and you go “Okay yeah, we have a DVD.” Then when it doesn’t get there and there’s no reason for us to put it out and the DVD was never quite good enough to come out in our opinion.

So, I don’t know what’s happening with it right now. I know it’s still on the cutting floor. We’re still trying to make tweaks to it, but then there’s also the Warner Bros. thing. We’re not with Warner Bros. anymore and they own the rights to that footage. So, I don’t know what’s going to happen with that DVD. The real answer is just that it wasn’t up to par with what we wanted to be releasing.”

As for the ongoing writing sessions for their new album, Shadows confirms that new drummer Brooks Wackerman has been directly involved in the sessions:

“The newest thing I can say is that having Brooks in the band, we are definitely utilizing him, we are not just saying, ‘Hey dude you’re a hired guy,’ because he’s not. He is part of the band and we wanted to write it with him, we wanted to feel him out and that is what we have done. It’s going to be exciting and I think a lot of people are wondering if the band’s going to write a record and make Brooks play on it. It’s not the case. We are writing everything together which has been really fun.”

For more from Shadows on that and the band’s recent live return, hit up Loudwire.

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