The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside Guitarist Receives Positive News Regarding His Broken Leg


It’s been a long road to recovery for most of the members of The Ghost Inside since their November 2015 bus crash. For guitarist Zach Johnson however, that road may have just gotten a bit shorter. He recently received news of an alternate treatment that could save him some more surgery time. Previously doctors expected to take some bone from his left femur and use it to make his right femur properly heal. As it turns out, that procedure may no longer be necessary, as he explains below:

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I went into my ortho doctor to schedule my major surgeries and hospital time today. And I left with a smile on my face! After speaking to other surgeons/reviewing my case, he came up with an alternative. This wasn't even presented as an option last time! I'll be going in for a smaller surgery, taking the screws out of my knee, with walking on it, that should put pressure and signals to help it mend. I'll be seeing a bone specialist to be put on an array of meds/injections, and will use a machine that stimulates bone growth daily. There is NO guarantee this will work, but with my history he recommends this before the last resort. I'll be having surgery as soon as he can, and 3 months after I'll have an idea of where I'm at with it. The dark clouds looming over me have brightened up a bit. Today was a good day. Enjoy the weekend! FUCK YES. Photo// @forever_goldd

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In addition to the broken leg, Johnson also suffered a broken pelvis, lost a number of toes and suffered various other injuries in the crash. Earlier this month he underwent his ninth surgery since the accident, that being for a hernia. As you can imagine, the medical costs for the continued treatment of the various members of the band doesn’t come cheap, you can help out at

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