Thy Art Is Murder Stream New Track From Split With The Acacia Strain & Fit For An Autopsy


Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain and Fit For An Autopsy have officially announced their upcoming three-way split, “The Depression Sessions“, which will meet an August 12th release date on digital and vinyl formats through Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The effort notably features Thy Art Is Murder‘s final recordings with their ex-frontman, CJ McMahon. Each band contributes a cover and an original song to the release and a lyric video for Thy Art Is Murder‘s “They Will Know Another” can be streamed below. The following collective statement was issued:

“After months of heavy touring, a cold NJ background set the tone for a dark, honest, and moody record. We gave some nods to the bands we grew up listening to and took some new risks in our own songs.

More importantly, this record is a statement of community. We live in a very competitive and selfish world, and it this is proof it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s the friendships you make along the way, between the artists you share the stage with, that you’ll take away with you long after the shows are over. Support your peers; the whole music scene will be better for it. Thank you for listening.”

Producer Will Putney (Every Time I Die, Body Count) oversaw the sessions for all of the tracks, while Dan Bradley took on the cover art. Pre-orders are available now via Nuclear Blast, Amazon and iTunes.

The Depression Sessions

01 – Thy Art Is Murder – “They Will Know Another
02 – The Acacia Strain – “Sensory Deprivation
03 – Fit For An Autopsy – “Flatlining
04 – Thy Art Is Murder – “Du Hast” (Rammstein cover)
05 – The Acacia Strain – “Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden cover)
06 – Fit For An Autopsy – “The Perfect Drug” (Nine Inch Nails cover)