Chevelle Premiere “Young Wicked”, Talk “Heavier” New Album


Chevelle have premiered “Young Wicked” off of their forthcoming album, “The North Corridor“, which itself is out July 08th. The song premiered via Loudwire, who also have an interview with frontman/guitarist Pete Loeffler. He spoke of the ‘heavier’ direction of the new album:

“Definitely going heavier was the idea. I had all these riffs that were knocking around inside my head and I really just started there. You know, the guys were on board with that, as well. I think that over the years we just really enjoyed playing the heavy stuff off our albums rather than the lighter side.

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So that’s really where we went with it. I started writing back in February of 2015 and we did sporadic shows, things like that throughout the year, but essentially I just came home and kept writing, went down to the basement and avoided the cold winter months in sometimes what we call in the Chicagoland area the North Corridor where we live. It can be fucking brutal so we ended up writing this music that’s on the heavier side.

I just really like playing heavy music live so like I said it was kind of just the way we were going to go so. If Sam had his way it would all be blast beats and maybe a little more aggro hard rock. Not hard rock, almost like punk rock. He called me up the other day and was like, “Let’s go see the Dead Kennedys, they are coming through Chicago.”

So we’re going to go see the Dead Kennedys play and revisit some of our teen years which is going to be unbelievable. I’ve literally got to go online and listen to my albums. I gotta get my albums out and just listen, so I can rekindle that flame.

Sam was always really into punk growing up. So it’s actually really surprising we didn’t start a punk band, but I didn’t really write in that style so we always liked heavy music as well, so it kind of went that way.”

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