Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory Speaks On Ivan Moody’s Battles With Addiction


Speaking in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory reveals that the band have altered their touring lifestyle in a bid to help band frontman Ivan Moody in his struggles with substance abuse. Moody‘s struggles first made headlines during a disastrous live performance in Memphis, TN, in which the rest of the band walked out on him. Various allegations of violence and abuse followed (some of which were dismissed.)

More recently, Moody‘s issues with addiction were also brought up by their current (and soon to be former label) Prospect Park as part of an ongoing lawsuit, in which they in part claimed the band was being negligent about getting him better. Moody has since sought treatment in a rehabilitation facility for his problems and Bathory confirms the band have taken steps to keep him sober:

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“You have to change the habits on the road – what happens, what’s on the rider. You have to take off all the alcohol – even mouthwash. It’s about trying to eliminate all of the triggers. He’s been battling his demons, and when you’re in a rock band, it can be really difficult to be on the road. If you have any kind of addiction or addictive personality, everybody wants to hang out and party. People are going to come up to you and say, ‘Hey man, let me buy you a drink,’ or ‘Let’s hang out.’ For them, that’s a big thing. They don’t realize that to us, it was the same thing yesterday, and the day before that, and the past 300 days before that. But you don’t want to be rude – it’s just hard for people to understand that.”

Bathory also spoke of the band’s new album, which they have been working on in the studio with producer Kevin Churko (Papa Roach, HELLYEAH) as of late:

“Since we have six records, I think now is the time when technically we could do any kind of album. This is the moment where we can sort of experiment. We have a couple of ideas floating around. One of them is to make a little bit of a retro record, just to have fun and do a thrash metal vibe, and then there are new ideas that are completely different, involving elements that we’ve never had before. Both directions are exciting, so we’ll have to make a decision.”

That record is expected to complete the band’s contract with Prospect Park, with them having already agreed to sign with Rise Records following their commitments to the album.

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