Here’s The Most Metal Cities In The United States


Using data compiled from Encyclopaedia Metallum, Noisey set out to find out which cities and states in the United States have the most metal bands, compiling the numbers from outfits both active and inactive. According to their findings the top five cities with the most metal bands are:

01. Cleveland, Ohio
02. Portland, Oregon
03. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
04. Rochester, New York
05. Richmond, Virginia

One might note that the results will be a tad skewed as Encyclopaedia Metallum can be a bit exclusionary in their listings. So don’t expect groups that hailed from say the glam metal boom of the 80’s or the 90’s nü-metal explosion to factor into the results. That said, given that Cleveland, OH was/is home to the likes of Mushroomhead, Sw1tched and numerous other excluded bands, its stranglehold on the top spot could have been even larger with such inclusions. For the full list of the top 100 cities and more on the methodology that was used, head over to Noisey.