Ex-Pyrexia Frontman Erick Shute Arrested In Triple Homicide


Erick Shute, who gained some fame as the vocalist for Pyrexia, has been taken into custody for the murder of three men. According to Herald-Mail Media, Shute is accused of shooting and killing three men who were cutting down wood on a property adjacent to his own West Virginia property. The authorities have also reported that Shute had a history of bad blood with the victims, whom he is alleged to have killed with an AR-15.

County Sheriff Vince Shambaugh also mentioned that Shute displayed various signs of being an “end of times” survivalist, having various stockpiles of food, weapons and ammunition on his property. Shute went on to defend himself on his Facebook in a since deleted post:

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“This was self defense. I talked to a cop and he even agreed this is an open and shut case of self defense and that they probably won’t even pursue charges” I am just waiting to talk to the prosecutor. I have nothing to hide. Media can contact me on my cell. I am open to talk. These guys stole over $20,000 pf my stuff and sold it for drugs and threatened me to my face before. They even unscrewed [sic] brake lines while [I] was asleep. Everyone not on drugs on the mountain hates them. These are known thieves and drug addicts.”

You may recall Shute “recused’ himself from Pyrexia back in 2014

[via Metal Insider]

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