Murder Construct (Intronaut/Cattle Decapitation, Etc.) Planning New Album


Drummer Danny Walker (of Intronaut, etc.) expects Murder Construct to put together a sophomore album in the months to come. The group feature members of the likes of Cattle Decapitation, Nausea and more. Given the scheduling conflicts, the band are opting to embrace the convenience of technology for this release. Walker commented via his Facebook:

“No we aren’t dead, but things certainly have been difficult with Travis Ryan‘s crazy schedule with Cattle Decapitation, Leon del Muerte living in Portland and his commitments with Terrorizer LA, Nausea – Los Angeles and now Nails! Caleb Schneider‘s constant grinding on movie sets and with Bad Acid Trip, not to mention my crazy touring schedule with Intronaut. We are going to attempt to write another album over the internet. This just has to happen!”