It Looks Like ‘Metalocalypse’ & Dethklok Are Pretty Much Done


Brendon Small of ‘Metalocalypse‘/Dethklok fame doesn’t expect the show or band to return anytime soon. In a new interview with Metal Insider, Small went on to say:

“I think I’m basically all but finished making Dethklok records, only because the network has been less than easygoing about lending out the name.”

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It also appears that the the fan campaign to get ‘Metalocalypse‘ a proper final send-off from Adult Swim also didn’t succeed:

“The network was kind of dangling this final thing after Doomstar in front of me and then they said they didn’t want to do any more episodes. I asked why not and they said it was for financial reasons. Then the whole Metalocalypse Now fan campaign started and they got in touch with me and said ‘hey what can we do to save this show?’ They were saying that they didn’t have enough money, but I thought if we caused enough noise, some financial backers would show up.

They actually did, and some people that were willing to offer just shy of two million dollars stepped forward and said ‘we would love to finance the show and do this final mini-series,’ and the network said ‘no, we don’t want to do anymore Metalocalypse at all,’ and that was the end of it.”

That said, Small does mention that he plans to finish the story of the show eventually in some shape or form. You can find more from Small on that and his upcoming Galaktikon album over at Metal Insider.

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