The Ghost Inside's Jonathan Vigil

The Ghost Inside’s Jonathan Vigil: “It Genuinely Breaks My Heart To Know That Some Of Us Will Never Be The Same”


The Ghost Inside frontman Jonathan Vigil has shared a heartfelt post on his and his bandmates continued recovery from their November 2015 bus crash, which claimed the lives of both their bus driver and the driver of the other vehicle. You can read what Vigil had to say below:

I've come a very long way in the 4 1/2 months since the accident. But sometimes I still get frustrated at the progress I have made because I want it to be a lot further along than it actually is. I wish more than ANYTHING that none of us had to go through this, and it genuinely breaks my heart to know that some of us will never be the same. I lie awake some nights and it really gets to me. What I have to remember is that with the exception of our awesome driver Greg, we're all here. Seeing the pictures from it, I know we all could've been so much worse off. Some of the stories I've been told from the others are bone chilling. I was the fortunate/unfortunate one to sustain a brain injury so I remember nothing from the accident. And to be honest, I prefer it that way. I'm so sorry that my brothers had to go through that whole ordeal. I didn't write this post to be a bummer, I didn't write this to complain and I didn't write this to get sympathy. I wrote this out because, I write. The best therapy for me is to write things out. To help me get through them. To put things into perspective. This is just one thing we have to get through, and I promise to be stronger in the end.

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Vigil himself suffered a brain injury, a fractured neck, two broken ankles and various cuts and abrasions as a result of the accident.

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