Thrice Drummer Riley Breckenridge Says New Album Is A “Logical Progression”


Thrice wrapped up the recording process for their new album early last month and already have this tour booked for it. Drummer Riley Breckenridge spoke to Rockcellar Magazine about what the new material on the effort will sound like, offering:

“I think it’s a logical progression, I would guess. But it definitely draws from the last maybe four records we’ve done, there are elements of Vheissu that I can point to on this record, elements of the Alchemy Index, Beggars, Major/Minor. If you heard those records and then heard the new one you’d be like, ‘oh I can see this being the same band.’

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It’s not like a total left-turn but it’s cool. We’re all really excited about it. It was a unique writing experience. In the past, we all lived in the same city and when it came time to write a record we said, ‘okay, we’re going to do a 9-5, five days a week thing and get in the studio and bang these songs out, however long it takes.’

This time, we had a pretty clear-cut timeline. Once we started doing reunion shows last year we talked about making music again and it was a resounding ‘yes’ from everybody. We got the timeline set up, but we had some geographical constraints. Dustin was living up in the Pacific Northwest, Teppei was up there outside Seattle as well so a lot of it was done virtually to begin with, sharing files and building stuff up in Logic or Garage Band, whatever.

Passing song ideas back and forth, slowly developing them to a point where Dustin ended up moving down to Orange County, we had Teppei fly in a couple times before or after the one-off shows and we’d write for a week like we used to then we’d all go back to our homes for more file-sharing.

The writing process was unique in that regard. I’m excited for people to hear it, hopefully that should start happening…fairly soon? We finished recording, finished mixing, finished mastering…I think last week. I’m not allowed to share the release date but we’re getting all our assets together to make sure we have a decent roll-out for the record. People should get a taste pretty soon.”

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