The Ghost Inside's Jonathan Vigil

The Ghost Inside’s Jonathan Vigil Shares Footage From Physical Therapy


As anyone who has had an extended stay in the hospital can tell you, you grow a newfound appreciation for the small things in life once you are back home. The Ghost Inside frontman Jonathan Vigil can attest to that, having spent weeks in the hospital following the group’s bus crash back in November. Vigil, who got off relatively light in the crash with a fractured neck, broken teeth, two broken ankles and other various injuries, is on the road to being able to walk again soon and shared some footage from his physical therapy for that below.

The same crash claimed the lives of both their bus driver and the driver of the other vehicle, took the leg of drummer Andrew Tkaczyk and several of guitarist Zach Johnson‘s toes. With the mounting hospital bills and the loss of equipment and current inability to tour, the financial strain on the band is quite severe. You can help out with that at Gofundme.

Progress. Progress everyday. Video by @kimberly_hyatt

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