Exodus Blood Guitar

Slayer/Exodus Guitarist Gary Holt Shows Off Guitar Painted In His Own Blood


Exodus/Slayer guitarist Gary Holt‘s new custom-painted signature ESP guitar features inked by Holt‘s very own blood. 18 vials of his blood were drawn backstage following a Slayer show in Long Island, NY, with artist Vincent Castiglia then setting to work upon the guitar. Given the intimate nature of the artwork, it’s only a one-off and is not for sale. Castiglia said of the process:

“While working on his torso piece, my client and friend Brian Werner (vocalist of Vital Remains) suggested the possibility to me. I thought about the logistics, whether it would be possible or not, and figured hey, if I’ve been able to take my paintings and medium as far as I have already on canvas, why not do it on a guitar body? After some trial, and some extra preparation, it all worked out perfectly, and this guitar actually became what I’d cite to be one of my favorite, most detailed works to date. I pushed it as far as was physically possible in terms of detail. The subject matter, look and feel, and functionality of the piece are all in perfect line with my work.

The piece is historical in that, to my knowledge (or the knowledge of Google) this is the first functional guitar in human history to have been created entirely in the musician’s blood. That puts it in a unique position, as it’s a functional piece of fine art that memorializes Gary Holt‘s life’s work with his lifeblood, my mind and hands having been the vessel for its creation. It was an honor to work so intimately with Gary Holt and ESP on this project, which was literally, ‘Bonded By Blood‘.”

Holt added:

“It was very exciting to finally be able to reveal the “blood guitar” painted with 18 vials of my own blood at this year’s NAMM! This Vincent Castiglia original is the first of its kind. This weekend was also my first look at it in the flesh so to say I was stoked is an understatement! Looking forward to taking this one of a kind piece of dark art out on tour in February!”

You’ll be able to see the guitar in person when the band hit the road with Testament & Carcass.

Gear Gods was there at the NAMM unveiling, which you can watch below:

Exodus Guitar

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