At The Drive-In

At The Drive-In Talk Reunion, Piecing Together New Album


The members of At The Drive-In have spoken to Fuse regarding their latest reunion, which will result in a world tour and new music. Guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez said of returning to the outfit:

“We’re all excited to be seeing each other, to be playing in a room again, and to be making music under a new context. This is where we all came from. We have different families now, we live in different places, but these are our roots, and a true person never forgets their roots. There’s a safety in being around people you trust.”

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Drummer Tony Hajjar added:

“We cut our teeth in this band. We slept on floors two inches away from each other in this band. We cooked for each other in this band. This is home, and it’s nice to come back to it and feel so positive about it.”

When it came to the prospect of new material, Hajjar said there’s no exact timetable yet, but went on to say:

“We’re keen about everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, and about how everyone’s grown, since we wrote songs. We’re sending emails to each other with pieces of music or full songs, and are putting them together until we can have them all on a hard drive and are listening to them in the same room together.”

Rodriguez-Lopez added:

“Aside from right after the split-up and the time that it took to heal and understand where we were all coming from, we’ve always done that, sent stuff back and forth. It’s an ongoing part of our narrative that we really try and celebrate. There’s never been an end goal in mind, besides trying to participate in each other’s lives. The upside to that is that now, as we do start to think more results-oriented — like, how about an album? — we have tons of material to pick from.”

There’s more from the pair on their reunion, their legacy and their mindset with this latest return in the piece over at Fuse.

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