Dave Mustaine Of Megadeth

Behind The Scenes Look At Megadeth’s Virtual Reality Experience Available


Megadeth recently announced that they would be filming a virtual reality experience for five songs from their new album “Dystopia“. Said filming has taken place and you can watch some behind the scenes footage from that performance at Band founder Dave Mustaine said of the experience:

“We’re hoping for something that is completely mind-blowing, and we’re doing something that to the best of my knowledge hasn’t been done yet by any metal bands and maybe not any bands at all. You’re not only going to be able to see what we’re doing — you’re going to feel like you’re right in the room with us.”

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As to how you can experience it, the cheapest way will be special Megadeth branded cardboard goggles, which allow you to use your smartphone to view the experience. Megadeth‘s new album “Dystopia” will be released this Friday, January 22nd. Songs from it that will be available in VR include:

Fatal Illusion
The Threat Is Real
Poisonous Shadows
Post American World