Adam Pierce On Not Being Involved In All Shall Perish’s Return: “Know That This Was Not My Choice”


Amid the jubilation and such of All Shall Perish returning with various original and prominent members was mention of a legal dispute regarding the band’s name and more. There also appears to a bit of a darker side to the story at play, as hinted at by former drummer Adam Pierce (now of Emmure), who cryptically tweeted/Facebooked earlier tonight (October 20th):

The band’s statement didn’t delve too deep into specifics regarding the dispute, offering only:

“Nearing the conclusion of a legal arbitration over control of the band’s name, unpaid royalties, and other assets, bassist Mike Tiner declined a personal invitation from Kuykendall to rejoin his ex-bandmates. The legal system ultimately ruled in favor of the four out of five original members, their longtime vocalist, and guitarist.”

As Pierce himself was not a founding member, his involvement in the lawsuit isn’t likely to have been too deep, with Tiner apparently being the odd man out mentioned above. But it does seem that Pierce was understandably not invited back given the return of his predecessor, Matt Kuykendall.

Adam Pierce's Tweet

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