Parkway Drive Frontman Explains Why “Ire” Strays Away From Classic Metalcore Sound


While not as drastic a change as Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive have certainly showcased a bit slicker of a sound on their new songs, such as “Crushed” & “Vice Grip“. Frontman Winston McCall said the shift was calculated move, telling Tonedeaf:

“The whole record, the whole idea of it was change. Very early on we felt that we had written four albums, which we really loved that were written to a very specific formula and with the same goals in mind, to be faster, heavier, harder the whole time. That was the evolution that we made and we felt once it came to making a new record, after doing Atlas, we felt if we go faster we are going to start creating noise that we don’t want to create, and we are going to start losing aspects of the band that we love, we’ll lose the melody, I’m going to have to sing even lower and there’s going to be no humanity left.”

“We felt that we had achieved what we wanted to achieve with that sound and we weren’t inspired to continue writing like that so we wanted to try doing other stuff with the same goals that we had originally when starting but using them in a different way.”

“We felt that there was a lot of change on this album and after having done four records that fitted a very similar formula there is definitely going to be a pre-conceived notion of what this band sounds like and what we are capable of sounding like. For better or worse people are going to have an opinion on it.

“This time around we knew we had a lot of stuff that was very challenging when it came to the way we already sounded so we wanted to release something that had an impact straightaway, it pricks peoples ears up and makes them think ‘I didn’t know that this was something that could happen maybe ill have to continue paying attention’. It’s all about breaking the cycle.”

“When it comes down to writing and creating we are definitely striving to create an entire experience that stands alone. At this point in time the goal for us has been less of let’s see where it takes us which has been the last 12 years of this band’s existence and now we don’t want Parkway to necessarily just be Parkway Drive within metal, within metalcore, we want it to be a self defining experience. We really want to craft our own identity within this, so its less about looking at what other people are doing and more looking inside at what we are actually capable of doing which is a bit of a change for us.”

There’s more on that from McCall to be found over at Tonedeaf. The bands new album “Ire” is set for a September 25th street date.

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