The Queers

Watch The Queers Have An Onstage Blowout At Recent San Diego, CA Show


Veteran punk rock outfit The Queers had a bit of an onstage blowout during their August 09th gig in San Diego, CA. Band bassist Dangerous Dave wound up on his ass courtesy of guitarist Chris Fields after continually harassing the drummer and then focusing on Fields as well. See below for some footage of that, while frontman Joe King said of the incident:

“Hey, everyone fucks up. Dangerous Dave will ride again. He just needs a little timeout haha! He apologized so we’re just going to move on. We’re not pulling a Screeching Weasel at SXSW thing where everyone threw Ben under the bus – even a lot of his so-called friends. Friends fuck up and you don’t always agree with what they say or do but they’re still your friends. At least in my book. When that SXSW shit went down me, Ben and Dangerous Dave couldn’t believe the cocksuckers we thought were Ben’s friends all jumped ship on him. And a lot of them took time to badmouth the shit out of him too just for good measure. When the shit hits the fan is when you find who your true friends are. The Queers and Weasel guys are all Dave’s friends are still right here for him. He’s saved my ass a few times thru the years trust me folks.”

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Unsurprisingly they finished out the set that night without Dave however.

[via Lambgoat]

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