Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Shoots Down Report Of Ivan Moody’s Domestic Violence/Divorce (Updated)


Update – August 12th 9:31pm:

Bathory has offered more tweets on the matter:

The plot also thickens as the original report lists a Holly Smith as being Moody‘s spouse. here. Two year old tweets from a Holly Smith show pictures with Moody, apparently listing him as her boyfriend at the time.

Original Story:

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory has shot down the report running over at TMZ on the bands frontman Ivan Moody. The report alleged that Moody was facing divorce from his wife ‘Holly Smith‘ amid infidelity and domestic violence. Tweeting this afternoon, Bathory stated:

“😂 don’t know which 1 is more offensive insinuating that Ivan knows JiuJitsu or that he has a wife! none of those R true GottaLoveTheInternet”

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