High On Fire’s Matt Pike: “I’m Not A Conspiracy Theorist, I’m A Conspiracy Factist”


High On Fire vocalist/guitarist Matt Pike has never had a problem speaking his mind, even when it comes to some eyebrow-raising topics, such as the infiltration of the human race by extraterrestrial beings and 9/11. Speaking in the current issue of Revolver, Pike further explained his beliefs:

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a conspiracy factist. ‘The Black Plot,’ that’s about the reptilian Illuminati abducting women, and the New World Order thing that’s been going on since ancient Sumeria. They’ve been trying to get the world and society to a point where it can be controlled by one world government. Big Brother already keeps and eye on you all the time; there’s already these chips in your bank cards and your computers, and pretty soon they’re going to want to put it in your skin. I’m just speaking out before that becomes reality.

There’s a lot of stuff I’ve dug up, just in some of the research I’ve done on the vile vortices, Planet X, the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Kabbalah, aliens impregnating human girls and making hybrids… it’s the kind of stuff that makes me crazy. It’s like I know too much about it, and I’m trying to back off of it now. But at least I got it out of my system, to a degree. Watching the news, and watching shit unfold politically, I turn into a paranoid freak and start connecting all these dogs that possibly aren’t there—or quite possibly are there. I’m not a journalist, I’m not an investigative reporter. I’m not a guy who makes films about UFOs or Bigfoot. But I can sing about my interest in all of that.”

He later added that:

“I’m doing my part to tell the New World Order to fuck off. Doing my part to make people listen. And hopefully the ones that do will hear it. But if they don’t, I hope they just enjoy my music for what it is. I can’t stop the fucking world military from taking over, but I can say something about it. But I want to keep a positive attitude about whatever life me and my brothers have left. I want to have fun, play music and live and let live—and whatever happens, happens.”

The bands new album “Luminiferous” hits stores tomorrow, June 16th, through eOne Music, you can stream it in full here.

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