Primus’ Les Claypool Ranks The Bands Albums


Primus frontman/bassist Les Claypool has ranked the bands discography for Noisey as part of their ‘Rank You Records’ feature. Read on for his choices and a few excerpts:

07 – “Antipop
06 – “Tales From The Punchbowl
05 – “Brown Album
04 – “Green Naugahyde
03 – “Pork Soda
02 – “Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
01 – “Frizzle Fry

Speaking of choosing “Antipop” as his least favorite, he offered:

“Mainly because it was a tough time for the band, personally. We weren’t getting along very well. I feel fortunate that Primus stopped at the end of the 90s. We went on a hiatus, which is a fancy way of saying we just didn’t like being around each other and we wanted to break up but we didn’t have the balls to actually break up. I think we stopped before we totally shit our pants, but I think the closest we came was doing the Antipop record, because it was somewhat directionless. I think there’s some good nuggets on there, but it’s not near as good as some of the other recordings we’ve done over the years. Music is supposed to represent the soundscape of your life. People look at various records and think of what was going on in their life at that time, and during that time, we just weren’t getting along very well, so it doesn’t bring up the greatest memories.”

On making the jump to Interscope with “Sailing The Seas Of Cheese“:

“We were very fortunate that Interscope was this young babe in the woods with all this power and knowledge. They had the major label backing, but it was still very much an independent. We were the second release on Interscope—the first being Gerardo’s Rico Suave. So along comes Tom Whalley, and he signs us. It was an interesting time.

Because we sold so many Frizzle Fry records, all of a sudden all these major labels that had been ignoring us for years were knocking on our door. And Whalley was the only one who showed up at a gig, by accident, and just saw us, and saw the fervor of the audience and whatnot, and signed us because of us. He had no idea we had sold 80,000 records. So here we were, going to be the second release on Interscope, and we got to know everybody at Interscope. It was a very exciting time to be part of that feeling that became this huge entity that is the Interscope of today.”

On “Frizzle Fry” being his favorite:

“My favorite album is Frizzle Fry, just because it represents such a spectacular time in our lives, because we were young, we were going up the hill, we were doing things nobody was doing, accomplishing things nobody—even ourselves—thought we were going to accomplish. At that point in your life, you don’t have family and kids and mortgages, and your whole, entire world, revolves around your band and your bandmates. It’s just a spectacular time.”

There’s a lot more insight to be found in each of his choices over at Noisey.

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