Borknagar Recording New Album, Tap Original Vocalist Kristoffer Rygg For Two Songs


Production is underway on Borknagar‘s new album and original vocalist Kristoffer Rygg has returned to the fold to lend his voice to two songs from the effort. A late 2015 release date is being planned for the album, which Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia) will mix in June. band guitarist Øystein G. Brun said of the sessions:

“These days, 20 years ago, Kristoffer and I hooked up for the very first time in Bergen to record vocals for the Borknagar debut album. Glorious days, indeed. Last night I was barely asleep as I got the first vocal samples from Kristoffer late yesterday evening – and have been listening to the songs repeatedly since then. Being a former bandmate and a huge fan of his work ever since we parted ways back in the days, I certainly did expect a lot, but what he sent over this time around surpass every expectations. Really! Still trying to get my jaw back in position and the goosebumps seem to have turned chronic on me.

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Kristoffer performs the lead vocals for one full song called ‘Winter Thrice‘ and does additional vocals for another opus called ‘Terminus‘.

Being a profoundly nostalgic person, this makes me reflect about how damn lucky I am to have been able to work with some of the finest vocalists in the world, throughout the years. Musically the upcoming album will be a celebration of just that. Along with the vocals of Vintersorg, ICS Vortex and Lazare, it should be needless to argue that this will be a very special album! Massively so! More info will follow soon!”

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