Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell Sides With Label In Temple Of The Dog Legal Dispute


Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, etc.) has spoken out regarding the legal dispute over the ownership to the masters for Temple Of The Dog‘s album. Various members of Soundgarden (including Cornell) and Pearl Jam collaborated on that 1991 effort. Recently A&M Records filed suit against Rajan Parasher, brother of the album’s late producer Rick Parashar, over possession of the masters. Rajan alleges that he was not paid for his engineering work on the effort and that he was not part of the deal A&M Records had with his deceased brother Rick.

A&M Records themselves, who released the Temple Of The Dog album, paid Rick $35,000 for the rights and ownership of the masters in a deal struck back in 1993. The label had assumed that the masters were in possession of the artists themselves all this time and not Rajan, who is withholding them, claiming they are his. Speaking with Billboard, Cornell sided with A&M on the matter:

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“The Temple Of The Dog recordings were made by members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam to honor our friend, Andy Wood, who died much too soon. Temple Of The Dog recorded the album in a studio co-owned by Raj Parashar. A&M Records paid for the recordings and the use of the studio. For Parashar to pretend he has a right to keep the recordings makes no more sense than the owner of a laundromat claiming he owns the clothes you washed in his washing machine.”

A&M Records are seeking an immediate surrender of the masters as well as damages and fees.

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