Marty Friedman Confirms He Passed On Rejoining Megadeth


Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman has confirmed to Argentinean radio station Vorterix that he has in fact passed on multiple offers to rejoin Megadeth. Referencing ex-drummer Nick Menza‘s decision to decline rejoining the band, Friedman said:

“I don’t know anything about Nick‘s story, I don’t know what he said, I don’t know anything about that, but I will tell you that, of course, I was offered to join Megadeth — not only now, but in other times. There’s just no reason for me to join Megadeth right now.”

“Just because there’s a vacancy in the band doesn’t mean that, ‘Oh, now is my chance to join Megadeth.’ There’s absolutely no reason for me to do that. However, I’m very, very close friends with Mustaine and Ellefson, and the band in general, and I love them like brothers. So if they talk to me, I listen. We’re very close. So I support them, and I wish them nothing but success and power and everything great. But just because there’s a vacancy in the band is not enough of a reason for me to, all of a sudden, put aside all the things I’m doing and then just join their band. It’s just not.”

He later added that rejoining the band would be “A huge step backwards. Huge.”

“…So it’s time to move on and do new things and not chase the past. So I think that they’re better off doing new things, and I’m certainly better off doing new things and being able to be the artist that I am, and that I wanna become. And there’s no reason to go chasing the past.”

Both Friedman and Menza were both approached about rejoining the band as was hotly rumored a few months back. While Friedman doesn’t look to have been to receptive, Menza went so far as to record some demos for the band before declining due to what he thought was an unfair deal. Megadeth themselves have since moved on with Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler handling the studio drumming on their new album, while Angra‘s Kiko Loureiro is handling the guitars.

[transcription via Blabbermouth]