King 810 Vocalist David Gunn Begins Series Of Essays, Reveals Mathematical Prowess


King 810 vocalist David Gunn has begun a series of essays (see here) centered around the bands songs. The first entry shines a light on their track “R.I.C.O.“—which he wrote while in solitary confinement. He also goes into detail regarding the mathematical theme of which he wrote the track, an excerpt from that can be found below:

“Below are the annotations for a song called R.I.C.O. I’ve typed these to be more legible. This is the first KING song ever “written.”This thing was put together mentally and committed to memory while in solitary confinement following the arrest of myself and 5 friends on January 20th 2008. I mention this not to gain any sort of reputation but to aid in understanding the origin of the material and my own process as its author. After creating and memorizing a song this complex I stopped believing in writing songs on paper entirely and haven’t done so as long as KING has existed.

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The words to this work describe a handful of first hand experiences I’ve had growing up that I’ve coupled with an underlying mathematical theme. I wanted to write this not for the song to gain any kind of attention because I think it’s a poorly made song but more so to display the circumstances and the type of lifestyle KING was birthed from.”

Head to for the whole essay.

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