Hoods Frontman Calls Out Victory Records Founder Tony Brummel


Hoods frontman Mike Hood is by no means a fan of Victory Records founder Tony Brummel. Formerly signed to the labels roster, Hood challenged Brummel to a fight last night, while also airing out his grievances with the label:

Tony Brummel is a fake pair of tits. Hey, big shot, how about pay us some honest numbers. You fucking fake ass Chicago bitch. Let’s fight, 1-1 call you out… This is why we don’t play the songs from Victory Records… In this world there are those that give a fuck, have a spine, and are honest. I was 19 years old, Mr. Tony Brummel, please give what an honest man would. Give me all my albums back. Last 1/4 statement was almost $10K. That’s quarterly.

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I spent 20+ years of my life in Hoods. Still poor, still proud, still working and loving Hoods. There’s a lot of bands that could use some help. You sit with your yachts, houses in Jamaica, etc. If you are a man with a spine I will gladly eat my words. I will also gladly fight you in any street across the USA… All the hardcore kids know you’re a fucking spineless coward. Even the emo kids at this point.”

A sanitized version of that post without the challenge to fight also went up over at the bands Facebook.

[via Lambgoat]

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